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A little mystery thrown in...some good start to a larger story..... :)
I like the names side-story. I agree, this would make a cool setting for a novel. Great story.
Very interesting story! I was hooked all the way through, but I did wonder...what do they call each other before they have functions? :) Great job!
Very interesting! It teetered on the edge of being too technical, but the personal touch--the relationship between the couple and the longing for a name--made it more accessible and pulled me along.

The paragraph before the break really summarized an awful lot of information. As long as you were going to leave it open-ended (a nice touch), some of that could have been left out or implied, too. It sort of made me stop short.

I'd definitely read a longer version of this.
Very scientifical sounding. Good writing.
"Her microbes were eating toxins, making nitrogen and oxygen, and rebuilding topsoil." You write this is your first attempt at sci-fi? Well, I like your futuristic ideas, microbes rather than robots working on essentials. You sound like a pro in the science department, at least as far as I know (sci-fi isn't my cup of tea, for sure :).
Great job of creating a "real world" for your characters that also invited the reader to join. Intro for a Star-Trek episode!
I had missed this one somehow in my reading this week. But, wow, this is such a great story. I really liked the human-ness of wanting a name, etc. among the futuristic technical story. This is absolutely excellent. And congrats so much on your win!
Congratulations -- this is really good. But, what happens to the husband? I need to know. :(

I guess we're both moving up to Advanced. I'm not ready, or you?

Y'know, my favorite part of this was that he DID call her by name--just because she asked him to. Nicely done. Congrats on your win! Level 3 does look rather more populated, but I'm sure you'll be right at home. :)