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I really enjoyed this story! It was beautifully written and haunted me with its old-fashioned setting and aura. Its title with the personal name also sparked my curiosity.

The ending totally took me by surprise! I was half expecting Albert to be a visitor from another planet who would have to return to his home world (and possibly take Emma with him), but finding out he was Einstein time traveling to an earlier era intrigued and delighted me every bit as much! Great job!

Very clever...kept me wondering what he was up to..took me a little bit to catch on...
Very well done, I loved the clever ending.
I really enjoyed the story.
This almost has a Jane Austin flavour. I like it! However, I have a feeling I'm missing something terribly obvious because I don't understand what was changed by Albert coming forward in time...
What a clever story! If this is your first attempt at fiction--you should consider writing much more of it!
Enchanting love story. I, too, was a little puzzled by his letter to Emma, but then Mr. Einstein has always puzzled me. :o) Kudos to you for a nice creative story for this topic.
This is very good. It has an somewhat haunting and 'echanting' feel to it. I felt sad for Emma, she was such a delightful character. I also liked the twist you had at the end. My only note of correction would be in two places where you throw in Albert's thoughts, rather than just telling it out right. Read it aloud and you'll find the spots. ^_^
Clever and OH SOO WELL WRITTEN! Enjoyed the reading!
This story was interesting, beginning to end. The last sentence leaves a great message.
Very inventive! Wonderful reading, wonderful writing.
Very clever and enjoyable. I agree - write more fiction. You're good at it, Angela!
I really enjoy pieces written in this time period. You did it flawlessly, too, although as others have said, I wonder what Albert changed. You do know you will have to write a sequel now, don't you?
Good read. Science fiction has traveled everywhere this week.