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Great little slice-of-life story, well-written.
This was a good read. Wonderful story of Annie Oakley. Well written.
It's always interesting to be able to catch a glimpse behind the public persona... nicely done.
Cute story with realistic characters. Good job!
Fun story. Keep up the good work.
I can imagine the excitement Sarah was feeling. I liked the hints that Sarah did not want to hold all of the conventions of what made a lady back then. Annie seemed comfortable in both worlds of lady and tomboy.

Seemed to slow down a little in places, but you resolved your MC's conflict well.

Good description of Annie Oakley and the poster.
Interesting picture of this slice of history. Good description of Annie - I could see her in my mind. Good job.
If I didn't know better, I'd think you were telling the story from first-hand experience, that YOU were the little girl who actually got to talk with Annie Oakley! This is very well done, I liked the descriptions, and the thoughts and conversations you describe. Good story!
A fun glimpse into a young girl's mind where dreams and reality merged. Good job!
I LOVE your approach to this, and all the details that help us get to know all the characters in this wonderful flash of history. Super writing.
I really enjoyed this story. Easy to read, the characters' personalities come through. A nice slice of history. Very well written. Good job.