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I love the title of your story. It fits so well.
I thought I knew quite a bit about Port Royale (I used to play 'Pirates' on my brother's computer), but I had never heard of this tsunami. It makes me want to go look it up somewhere and study it some more. Thanks for sharing this story.
I am learning so much from these history entries! How wonderful that you chose a pirate story - very creative take on the historical genre. I liked it - it had a very Pirates of the Carribean feel. Fascinating story. Oh - one tiny thing - there is no "e" in the word judgment. Great job!
You had me hooked with this one. Great job!
What a great story, reading it was like watching a movie.
Very well done.
Interesting. Very good historical reading. Well written.
This would be an excellent movie. Great writing. This is a winner.
This would be an excellent movie. Great writing. This is a winner.
Interesting title drew me in, well told story; but, do watch the speech tags, it is better to show than to tell.
To me this seemed like I was reading a page from a novel. You had my interest from beginning to end. I liked it alot!
This is very good. (I guess I'm slow today -- it took me a minute to understand your title. But now that I get it, it's great.)

This story would make a good novel -- very interesting read. Good job.
This is good. I would love to hear more of their relationship and his salvation - definately more!! Great job. Thanks
Good story! I'm so glad William survived, and glad his fair lady was up on that hill! Nice telling, very interesting.
I liked it! I could see it very clearly in my head.

I do have one minor nitpick--the ending with the tsunami seemed a bit rushed--but there's only so much you can do with 750 words! I'd love to read an extended version of this!
Let me know when the novel comes out. This was awesome. I really could sink my teeth into this story line. Nicely done,
I enjoyed this very much. I almost wish, however, that you had focused more on the earthquake and tsunami, even if it were at the expense of the characters. Just me, probably. Great sense of place.