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I really enjoyed reading this! Great, authentic-sounding dialogue--I could feel the tension in the air and hear the speakers come alive while using their quaint dialect. The message of faith and courage in the face of persecution came through beautifully.

The story would be easier to read with spaces between paragraphs and lines of dialogue.

Great, attention-grabbing title. Good job!
What a wonderful tribute to the many brave men and women who risked their lives so that we may read the scriptures and know the truth for ourselves.
Excellent job bringing history to life!
Great entry, well written, I really enjoyed the reading!
Spacing between paragraphs would definitely help with the flow, and following along. Your dialogue was very authentic - and such a compelling story!
It drew me in and was very captivating. I like reading stories of the Christians in those days who stood firm for the truth. I appreciate how you presented Lawrence Martinhoe too.
This is very well written, it's authentic and believable. I love the way you presented it (except for the missing spaces between paragraph which is easily remedied). You are to be commended!
Ditto re. loving the dialogue. Very clever. A great glimpse of a time and place - thanks!
Yep, very authentic-sounding, and quite inspirational.

The spacing is easy to fix: just type in block style, not indented, with an extra "enter" at the end of each paragraph. And use the "preview" button before you hit "submit", so that you can see if all those beautiful white spaces are there.
my only comment is the spacing, otherwise, excellently done! I like the last line with "lollard knights". A bit of hope. ^_^
Very well done! For me, the word choice in the first couple of paragraphs really created the setting for me; it was grand, 'old time' writing, and that was cool.

I guess I'm left wondering - what's a lollard? :-)
This is EXCELLENT storytelling! Your word choices are superb, the dialogue believable, your message powerful!!

One of my favorite parts was For if thou shalt not do so, brother preacher, verily thou shalt burn along with thy papers! There was a hard edge to his voice now.
What Delaware hadnt realized, however, was that a fire had already been lit in Lawrences soul - a flame that had overcome fear many times in the past." Also, "The threat before him roused his courage and faith like a trumpet call."

I can just see Lawrence's determination to stand firm for truth--to stand unwavering for Jesus! Thank you for helping us remember these persecuted heroes of our Christian heritage!

Great job! :)