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This was delightful to read. I could just hear the childish voice telling it.
That last bit... I loved it. It made me laugh.
This one is delightful... You had me laughing, and intrigued by the process as well! :-)
If this one doesn't win, I'll be incredibly surprised! This is a wonderful piece. The dialog is perfect; makes me think that little gal is sitting right there telling me the tale. I had to read it out loud. Wonderful, wonderful. Excellent work! I can't say it enough! Blessings, Cheri
Very good story. I never heard of "drownding" squirrels, but I never lived on a farm neither. Liked the little girls spunk.
The writing was good, and very like a child talking. The process described bothered me, though, and seemed kind of cruel.
Fun and well written. I agree - reading out loud is the best! Good story - thanks
Wonderful! What a fun read! You caught the dialect and the action and the voice is great. Good job!! :-)
Absolutely delightful, a winner all the way. A fun read, that had me smiling the entire time - loved the voice.
I loved the voice and speech patterns of the little girl. Great job!
Love the voice and the dialect and the story! What fun - I enjoyed everything about this.
You already know how I feel about this piece--utterly captivating and delightful.
Great voice.
I love it! I love the voice--it definitely drew me in!
Very well written and fun story. Great job.
This had to be fun to write because it was so much fun to read! You did such a good job being faithful to the speech patterns you began with that I'll be very surprised if you don't win one of the three top slots. You are very, very deserving with such a delightful piece. Kudos.
Delightful, I really enjoyed the read! Great writing!
Fantastic, entertaining. Love the dimwit! LOL! Love the dialogue. A very enjoyable, fun read!
I love the MC! What an adorable character! The last line was really a hoot though. Good job!
This piece has a great voice. I have to tell you, though, I was a little disturbed by the thought of drowning the squirrels. That doesn't take away from the fact that this is great writing. Well done.
Excellent. You'll be moving on soon.
This is priceless...especiallyh the last line. What a fun one to read!
I loved your humorous story and the wonderful little girl you created!