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Now this I like! It's very cool how you have a lot of the elements of a typical romance story, without using a typical format. I'm not a big poetry person, but I love that you keep the lines so short, just one or two words, and it's like they are given extra weight and meaning. Really loved this. Great job, and good luck!
Enchanting! Beautifully crafted!
Oh, wow! One of the most creative and fascinating pieces I've seen at this site. I savored every word.
Great job. I love your style, very interesting!
Just beautiful - I love this form for this writing - don't think it could have been done this well in any other form!
This was brilliant! It was so vivid I felt like I was there! So cool. Thanks for sharing your gift of writing!
Very creative. This draws the reader along. Great emotion. Excellent writing.
I really hope this does well! It is sweet and simple. I like the short sentences and descriptive words. And the love story 'painted' was absolutely beautiful! ^_^
So descriptive and beautiful,I'm surprised it's in Level 2. Doubt you will be for long...excellent!
Very creative and quite beautiful. Being able to capture emotions like this in so few words is remarkable. Congratulations on you EC placement.
CONGRATULATIONS on your EC win! This is a wonderfully creative and very well-written love story! :)
As I was judging this week, this poem just spoke to me! I could see the entire scene unfolding, and you did it with so few words. Way to go!
Very creative! Congrats on your win.