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This was fantastic! Well written. A winner in my book.
The last two stanzas are really good. Thank you for your poem.
Great writing from beginning to the end, excellent message.
Good POV. Never laugh AT the expense of others. However, we need to learn to laugh WITH others. We will reach that happy medium if we follow Christ's leading. Good job.
Excellent! This is so beautifully written, with a nice flow. A valuable lesson too. It looks like a winner to me. Note stanza 4 line 1 though: 'But...always the ones that...endures'. It should've been 'endure'. Well done.
There are two primary sources of humor, pain and joy. Yes humor can be cruel in the hands of a keen mind and a disturbed spirit but it can also be a gift from God. Please don't give up on humor. When you're in pain humor can help you through the hard times. When you're joyful humor is a prayer that thanks God for your wonderful life. Satan is a master of the counterfeit...his humor looks real but it is truly a fake that causes nothing but heartache. I've experienced God's grace through humor, both the humor that comes when I've experienced pain and when my life is full of joy. My heart goes out to all who have lived with the consequences of Satans counterfeit but know that God's genuine humor can bring about healing.