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A cute story, though short.

I really liked the original title--that grabbed me right away--and could almost see those active dust bunnies beneath the bed!
I enjoyed it! I'm a "stuffer" too. My grandmother sometimes tells me that I have enough dust in my room to create a man.

In the words of my cyber mom--"Dust Bunnies have feelings too!"
This made me smile. I related on a personal level. Great title. And an easy read. Good job
Wouldn't it be nice if we could "laugh it off" instead of using the dust rag? Good writing. Good thought.
Did you hear about the little boy that told his Mom (because of all the dust under his bed), he thought there was a man under his bed and he didn't know whether the man was "going" or "coming". I enjoyed reading your dusty story. :)
My collection of dust bunnies qualifies as antique — trouble with them is that they reproduce really quickly. Loved this! Good job.
I liked the "tumbleweeds" line!
This was cute! Loved the line about the dust bunnies being country accents. I would have loved to see this longer. Keep writing! Blessings, Jo
I absolutly love your idea of dust being a verb...rather than a noun; this is a very poetic way to make this point, and captivating. I was totally engrossed in your story from the first paragraph and just settling in for a good read, but then it seemed to loose steam...please expand this and work on the end.
My wife's from Pennsylvania. Thanks for Cj's line I'll use it at opportune moments. Actually she is a good wife in all respects but it's fun teasing her about her PA roots.

Keep on writing and I might discover what a noun looks like too.
I really enjoyed this entry when I was judging. I especially liked the comments about dust bunnies. The “Spritz them with Fabreeze,” was priceless. I laughed when I got the title and the content didn't disappoint me!
Blessings, Elizabeth