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I really enjoyed this story! The title itself drew me in with its aura of mystery.

Great dialogue and characterization--especially of Eugene. I enjoyed his nickname "Eugenius"!

Good twist at the end, with the mystery student meeting the main character in a casual conversation!
Toldja it was a good title. :-D Fun story!
This was one really got my attention, especially since you have basically described the university that I graduated from last May!! (Now I'm the one trying to solve a mystery! :-) I may be completely wrong, but I even think I may know of at least two of the people you mentioned in the story if you didn't change any names. I'd love for you to PM me if you are from BJ as well!!
I think it's a well-done piece!
I thought "unknown" meant you didn't have a title...Nice little twist. Sometimes it is hard to go back to school when you are a little older. I enjoyed this piece.
I can see I've got some stiff competition for getting out of this level. LOL
Good story - you held my attention throughout. I couldn't wait to find out who Lisa was, and I'll be Amanda can't wait to tell everyone the latest bit of gossip. You might want to hyphenate pre-med - it made me stumble a bit, my brain read premed as past tense of "preme". I liked the word "vivacious" - that one word really gave me a picture Rebakah's character. I enjoyed this - thanks!
Love your writing style! Good choice of a title!
You definitely kept me intrigued about Lisa from beginning to end! Good details throughout to keep interest.
A nice, whimsical mystery that worked its way out in a very logical and believable way. Good job of writing!
I liked how the mystery resolved itself naturally and how you showed clearly how the grapevine works! Eugene was one of my favorite characters. I had a bit of trouble keeping up with the different characters as they were introduced, but it's tough to get it all in in 750 words! Good work. Blessings, Cheri
Loved the story and the close-knit group in the science building. Eugene's nickname was awesome. Having taken 10 years to get an undergrad degree, I know how hard it can be to meet and relate to the younger students. I really enjoyed this.