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What a twist to this story! The old priest's identity effectively caught me off-guard! Great portrayal of an ironic situation.

Wonderful descriptions and dialogue. I could feel with the confused old man and his painful inner thoughts--even though he did turn out to be the thief. Could also see him dusting off his grimy sweatshirt.

Great job!
The blanks in this story could be filled in several ways. I laughed out loud because the old priest assumed he was wrong and that the man wearing the robe must be right. Did I get the story correct? Was the old priest the real priest and was it the thief that was wearing the robe?
Fun twist - good writing.
Is there a fine line between good and evil? Nice story line. Good job.
I guess I was a little confused too. I understood that the man in the priest's robe was the robber. Not too clear. But it is a good story. I guess, like the priest, I didn't quite understand.
I like the way your mind works. This is a creative mystery story for sure. You made the "old priest" a believable and lovable character. I hope you expand this (beyond the limits of the word count), as I see a mystery that remains to be explained (I personally think there must be another thief we don't know about, yet, and this "old priest" might really be one, with a past connection with this church in his memory).
I enjoyed the twist at the end. I never saw that coming. Very nice writing here. I could even see/feel the blood, as it was described.
This is great!!! :)
Congratulations! Masterwriting!
Congrats, Kylie! I could have sworn I left a comment on this when I read it earlier this week - I enjoyed the twist!