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What was under the seat?,,,,Great start to a story that I would love to finish reading.

My favorite line: "My female side verbalized a declaration to God that if anything out of the unusual occurred I was promising He would have one hysterical female on His hands."

Too cute..Nice job!

Suspenseful story with great descriptions! I don't like to be left hanging like this, though! Too many unanswered questions! :) Did she find the box of papers? Did she get safely back to the city? What were the papers about? This story needs to be expanded! Good writing!
Who was she? What was her assignment? I agree with the gals before me. Too many unanswered questions!
Good story, but I don't see any ending here. There needs to be more. It is a good ending for a first chapter though. The writing is good. Keep writing.
I enjoyed the story. There are some technical errors, and the others are right that it didn't end or wrap anything up, but 750 words is not a lot, especially for a mystery! You held my interest. :)
Excellent writing -- it kept me in suspense until the end--- this is a cliff hanger, but not an ending. Probably the ending of a chapter in a book. Finish this one and send it off to publishers.
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