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I wasn't sure if this was fiction, at first. I loved the first person voice & would love to read more....Nice job.
yeah, this clicks, write on...I gotta know the rest of the story.
I was spell bound. I want to read the next chapter. Great work. I noticed a small typo in the word STAMPEDED. You may have meant STAMPEEDED. You will probably keep and build on this story I hope my imput helps.
Nope, STAMPEDED is correct.

I really liked this and I want to read more. Keep going with it!
This was great. It definitely sounds the the beginning of something much longer...Should the chill air be chilly?
This is good as far as it goes. There's no solution here. Maybe if you started out with the damaging e-mail and left out the other part in the beginning, you would have more space (I know space is small) to finish the story.

The writing is good and so is the story.
Very good story! When you write the book, I want to read it. :)
Yah, you got the mystery genre down good! Chapter two please! I'm sorry you didn't have room to solve it, but when you finish I'll buy a copy! I love the touches of humor - I even snorted once. Nice!
Ooh, I love a good crime story. Your descriptions are very good. As others have said, I want to know more.
This was good. You did a great job, and wouldn't be surprised to see this finishing close to the top. You kept me riveted to the end.
I don't know if you meant us to guess an ending, but I have an idea in mind that, if correct, would be extremely clever. Oh, well, even if you intended no ending, it is still very well-written! :)
Excellent writing, definitely master's quality. I like that you left it open-ended.
Excellent detail and intrigue - finish this before I send a possee after you! ;)
When I first read your title the Munchknis songs in the ?Wizard of Oz" ran thru my mind. "She is not just merely dead, she is most assuredly, really dead." Anyway, after getting into your story all thoughts of the Munchkins left and I was glady lead down the your mystery's intriquing path - now, pray tell, who dicededly did the deadly deed?
MORE! MORE! Masterwriting!!
Decidedly Dead indeed! Wow-this is certainly the beginning of a twisted tale of mystery. I SO want to know what happens next...great job with fitting so much into 750 words. Really awesome mystery, the first person POV was great and especially the dialouge to herself in the beginning. I especially liked the sentence with "daft" my sentiments exactly, she seems like a regular Nancy Drew. ^_^
This is a truly wonderful mystery story. So much is left to the reader's imagination. Please give us more! I like your descriptions, too.
You have suspense, intrigue, great humor, awesome POV, and a whole bunch of readers drooling to learn more. You could not have done any better! Great work!
What a clever and well writen story! Great job of writing. So tell me, who did kill Brent?