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I enjoyed reading this, and I thought the twist with the title was very clever. A great message about God timing and gifts. Also, if true, this story will be a nice keepsake for your family.
Encouraging story. Especially to mothers who are trying to get their children to live for God and be in his service with their talents. Good writing.
I appreciate the mother's insight. I wonder how many gifted children may have given up their talent out of frustration with teaching methods. Your story is well-constructed and encouraging.
I really enjoyed this story! I could see everything and feel with both the mother and the son--espcially their frustration over the teaching methods that didn't fit Jonathan's learning style. I can identify with this, having both gone through it myself as a child and seen it happen with my daughters.

Beautiful imagery! My favorite phrase: describing the piano as "now a place to catch clothing." I liked the symbolism of hope presented by the mother later on removing that clothing and replacing it with a cloth. Great job!

Satisfying ending.