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Your letter contains a lot of truth. I like the creative way you have presented it.
This was really fun. It had a science fiction feel to it. Reminds me of Daniel 11-and that there is a whole other world outside of our own. So creative!
Very creative, well-written, and thoughtful piece! "Lord, give me ears to hear your music" is my prayer after reading this! :)
Love the title, love the concept, and love the delivery. Really, really good.
What a unique take on the topic! I love the thoughts this provoked in me - how much of God's symphony we DO miss!
I love this! So incredibly creative. I love the POV that this is written from and it certainly makes one stop and think a bit after reading what is often too true in this world right now. Great writing! ^_^
Very creative and well done. Gives food for thought, that's for sure!
Congratulations Elizabeth!!
This is a wonderful article. Congratulations and I hope to read more from you!