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Thanks for your informative, yet easy to read story. I have encountered many such children, and my heart goes out to all of them and their parents. You did a great job of telling us the mother's feelings, and also demonstrating how important it is for others to extend understanding and friendship.
Very informative story. I was glad to see the new friend appear with help. I was not aware of such situations. Good job.
I loved this story! I could totally identify with it, as I have sensory defensiveness and as a child was terrified of thunderstorms, firecrackers, vacuum cleaners, cake mixers, radiators, and even popping balloons, heavy breathing, and dripping faucets! The sound of barking dogs still hurts my ears--is physically painful to me.

Great use of dialogue in this and description of the anxious mother's thoughts. I could see, hear, and feel it all happening. Thanks for sharing!
Well done, held my attention and informative, too. I learned something tonight.
My heart goes out to this narrator and her little girl! You explained something unfamiliar to most readers, and still kept it a fascinating read. Good job.
My heart went out to this mother and child, and I felt the mother's relief when another mother reached out to her. Thanks for sharing this very interesting story.
This was a facinating, well-written story that clearly demonstrated a little-known condition. You portrayed the child's unusual reaction to music and the mother's frustration very ably! Thank you for educating me!
An intriguing and realistic read! I am familiar with this, but not as much as you are - I appreciated being "taught" in a very engaging way - and the story was wonderful.
A very nice informative story. Thanks for sharing your difficulties for it did open my eyes on how we can be judgemental. Nice job.
Wow! I've never heard of this. Thank you for educating me in such a wonderful, informative way. Good writing touches the heart of the reader, and you certainly touched my heart.
Congrats! This deserved to win! ^_^
Wow! What an incredible way to approach the topic. Even though you chose a difficult subject matter you handled it with great skill. I am so glad I read this and learned about sensory defensiveness. Thank you. In His Name, Elizabeth
This is very good, Joanney! I'm glad it got the judges' attention it deserved. What a neat way to teach us a lesson (I had no clue) through the characters of your story. It's just the best way to learn, I'm fond of saying.

I'm glad I came calling to thank you for leaving a comment on my Thanks Living story. Bless the Lord for bringing us together through FaithWriters!
You managed to make this informative, yet easy to read, even with the challenge word limit.

Good illustration of one of the facets of autism, too. Well done.
Thanks for opening my eyes to something I'd never realized. Your informative story was interesting as well.
This very educational, as well as being a good story. I have a granddaughter who has similar problems, she can't tolerate certain textures. Tags on a top touching her neck will send her off the wall. It took a few years t discover it not a behavior problem, but a diagnosis. Life was so much better when they were able understand and find ways to meet her very real needs.