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I was thoroughly engaged all the way through, and very pleasantly taken by the ending. Nice job.
I also like to people watch, but not to shop. What a great idea to pray for those you watch. I love the ending and your desire for the other people watcher to pray for you. Well done.

In Jesus' Name,

I am a people shopper Or should I say people watcher too! I do it innocently. My kids love the stories I make up about them, all good ones. This had a great flow to it. I will remember to pray for them the next time I am people watching!
what a wonderful way of look at the world and people in it! I too love to watch people at the mall. I recall one time standing at the upstairs rail looking at ALL the people below thinking " They each have a story,heartache, sorrow, happiness or joy. All those thousands of life stories. Betty Overstreet
I enjoyed this story! The diverse and colorful characters described were interesting--and the ending, with the narrator himself being watched by another "people watcher," came as a delightful and satisfying surprise!

Would like to see the story open with descriptions of those colorful characters--and also maybe with some dialogue thrown in.
I enjoyed this entertaining story. I especially liked the end of the story when you discovered the family wasnt so dysfunctional after all. The last line was really cute too!
I enjoyed the descriptions of the different people, and I like the idea of praying for them. Interesting, thought-provoking story! :)
Very nice! I like to people watch and will say a prayer for them too! Good writing, but maybe could use more descriptions. I'd like to "see" the people, too. :) Very engaging, I liked the light-hearted tone of this.
I enjoyed watching right along with you - this was a lovely read.
From one peopel watcher to another: Cheers! Great story. Nice to read through.
I liked this very much! Fun and enjoyable to read. I liked the different characters you used and the touch of saying a prayer for every one of them. I was a little confused as to whether the MC was a cartoon or an actual person ^_^ but I very much enjoyed reading this and liked the end where there is real love in the 'dysfunctional family' and as young man is watching the MC hopes that he is praying. Great writing!
I enjoyed your journey - well communicated and friendly - thanks
I felt like I was at the food court at the mall watching and praying right along with you. Very nice job!
OK, I confess! I'm a people-watcher too, however I can't recall being intentional about praying for the passersby.
Well done, on both accounts - your writing and your praying. God knows the heavenly-impact you are having as you obediently follow the Spirit's lead.
(Do you ever "shop" in the Okanagan Valley, BC, Canada?!!!)
Loved it! one of my favorite pastimes. Best ever was Disney World. Lived in Fla. for three years. Always there with visitors. Loved to sit and watch. International mix, never know what to expect.
Thank you for your comments on Melody of Praise. Glad it brings back memories for others besides me. We're told to "make a joyful noise" that's what I do....Dave
Since you were so kind to leave a comment on one of my stories (thank you!), I came to "return the favor." I'm so delighted with what I found here. Your clever title got my attention and strolling through the mall with you was refreshing entertainment. The twist at the end was my favorite part of all.

Does your people watching ever make you think, "maybe I'm the only person who has ever lifted a prayer for that blood-bought soul!" When it hits me, I could cry. You have found a wonderful ministry.
Jacquelyn, I'm going to feature this piece for the Front Page showcase on the week of May 28. Look for it on FaithWriters home page!
Not surprising there are so many favorable comments! I loved the down-to-earth conversational, almost conspiratorial (in a nice way) tone of your article.

I often play a similar game when driving. I try to guess where all those people could possibly be going and what they will do when they get there. And then I remember where I am going and realize I better pay attention to my driving!!

Very good writing!
I enjoyed shopping with you!
"I prayed that God would be with each of them, and that if this were a dysfunctional family, please give me one like it."

This is a precious love ministry!

Thank you so much for writing this, it made my day. I often pray for people I see as I walk around, especially when I'm "stuck" in a place for awhile with "nothing" to do. I wondered if God liked that kind of praying, but it seems I'm not alone, praise God! (I hope the man at the end was praying for you too!)