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Great lessons here. The part where you were describing the race seemed a bit anti-climatic. I would have added in a bit more detail about the race itself. Also, the last sentence should end in a question mark, not a period. Great job over all though. Keep writing!
Wonderful, wonderful writing. Great analogy. Well-written and very timely. Oh, and right on topic!!! Excellent!
A lot of food for thought here. This is well written. Very nicely done.
Good story. Liked the pov. I would have liked to have the two races brought together a little less abruptly. Maybe just a few words to tie them together. (This is one of my writting bad points.) But all in all, this was an interesting, well written story.
Soooo good. You drew me in and clobbered me with a lesson! I like that.
Excellent devotional. Your tie-in was great, and the message awesome. Don't even THINK about going back to beginners!
Very nice--this is the way to do a devotional--with real-life examples and real-life lessons learned. Well-written, too.

Small spelling error: "heals" for "heels".

This is very good writing.
This is a wonderful devotional and I took away a slightly different point based on this line: One harsh word shatters our confidence.

Always remember how your words can hurt or even stop another dead in their tracks. May my words always be kind. Thank you for a wonderful devotional based on real life issues.
This was wonderfully done. It was a fresh insight and gave me an AHA! moment. At 55, I sometimes think I have none of those left. I remember well that race of Zola Budd's. I never knew the "cause" behind it. Fascinating. I like how you drew your experience into Zola's experience. The lesson learned was terrific, something we all need to learn. There are a few grammatical errors here, but you have a winning devotional here!
Very good devotional. I love to read a devotional that I can relate to a real life experience. Good work!
A very good message. “How often we let the small mishaps of life take our focus off the race to which God has called us to run.” In fact, I liked that entire paragraph. I also liked the contrast of your own experience with another runner to make your point. Good job on this devotional.
Good devotional here; you tie things together very nicely. I really liked your descriptions at the beginning - it felt like we were in the race with you.
I liked your title and, more importantly, your message. I can so relate to the line, "One mistimed “Mom” and we loose our patience." Nice Job.
Very well written and very good message. This is definitely food for thought. Great job.
Pretty good, great lesson woven in here. I liked the front piece with passing on the inside, and using a 'famous' runner. Great title and great writing, thanks for sharing! ^_^
Very interesting and well paced story. I saw your point clearly because of your apt example. Thanks so much for sharing this