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A very creative stance on the topic. I found the idea of calling God the enemy very interesting. Nice Job.
very good take on how our enemy works to woo us away. Thanks for the reminder!
Ooh, me likes. How very CS Lewis of you- reminds me of the Screwtape Letters. very nice!
So glad we know the end of the story. A lot to get us thinking here.
This is a really creative approach. Good job.
Lots of really powerful stuff here, and much food for thought. I'd only suggest that some of your linger paragraphs might be broken into shorter ones to assist your readers with the flow of the piece. The voice is top-notch, and the writing is excellent. Super!
Excellent work here - very interesting to see something from that perspective. I think that is our strength as writers, to help other people view things from another perspective. Maybe a few more character details of the "case study" here would be helpful for us to see what's going. Otherwise, very good voice, very good story.
Hey I like this article, it reminds me of "The Screw Tape Letters" The enemy is very crafty, thanks for the reminder to keep our guard up
when it comes to the devils sneaky ways!!