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Oh this is good! A scene set up so nicely my toes felt wet and perfect dialogue. This was very enjoyable.
I liked the title, the beginning, the middle and the end. I very sweet story. Sounds like the beginning of a cute movie. Nice job.
Well-told and easy to follow. This would make a great first chapter for a book. I would enjoy hearing more adventures about these three.
Yup, I like it! I always feel so sorry for those hooked fish!
Nice, easy read. This would a great start for a coming of age novel. Well done.
I wanted this to go on so I could learn how she does it. Cute, entertaining story.
A well written view of the topic and an entertaining glimpse into the lives of pre-teen years. It reminded me of Tom Sawyer! Liked it a whole lot!
Ditto to all the above. I too want to know, "How did she do that?"
Sweet story - definately novel material here! I want to know the rest of the story too, how she catches the fish and how they all become friends, and about her uncle and the haunted house... Keep writing! :)
I like Jamey. So annoyed at the start because of a girl being in 'his' spot, and so awed at the end that he just wants to know how she does it. How does she do it?
Very entertaining! And I love "old crabface"! Blessings, Cheri
Beautiful story. Great dialogue. God bless.
Sweet! Good job setting the scene and creating likable characters. Blessings, Jo
A delightful story! And the message is....? That's easy. Girls can fish too! I really enjoyed this well written story about fishin'. Well done.