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Wow - this story is making me cry. Powerful. You certainly show how we might never know how our words affect another person, or how long it might take for someone to listen and reach out for Jesus. A touching way to remind us not to make Jesus cry. (On a side note - not sure why the italics are there. ?)
I really enjoyed reading this! A powerful, moving message about the unexpected ways God can work and use others--and the two main characters came alive in a delightful way.

The word for a hospital pastor is spelled "chaplain," by the way.

The unusual title of this story grabbed me right away, and I'm glad I read it. Great job!
What a good story. You fit it into the "gone fishing", but it's a shame this is not a garden category. A wonderful seed was planted here by an innocent child.
I enjoyed this. I liked how you portrayed Mr. Davidson's reaction to the little girls remark and how it effected him. Well done.
My favorite line was: "She had that kind of charm that small children have, which makes old and broken hearts feel warm and alive once more." It really shows how she was able to have such an impact on him. I also liked how you used her prayers to bring him a dream of remembrance so many years later. Very touching story. :)
Wow, Holly! I loved this story. Kids are so open and honest. You've captured the little girl perfectly! I love how you brought the story around to her being older and praying for this man again -- amazing writing, my dear:)