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Very true! You state your point clearly and completely and make a case for reading. This is nicely done.
Smooth read, I especially liked the rain analogy. Good work!
Very well written, reminds me to keep reading. You write very well.
Isn't it sad that we're raising a generation of non-readers? It has been argued that at least they're reading on the computer but I cannot imagine my life without curling up in my comfortable chair and losing myself in a gripping book. Recently, I visited a county library which was packed with teenagers. I was thrilled until the librarian advised me they were all waiting to play computer games. So few books are being checked out that they're planning to close that small library. How sad. But what a great article you wrote! Thank you!
Agree that reading is important. I didn't read in school and missed so much. Now I can't read enough, trying to catch up. Seldom will read fiction since I want to know reality although fiction can also demostrate that.
Good job in the analogy and making your points clear. Now where is my diksionairy?
Really well written golden nuggets wisdom! I've been an avid reader from a very young age, so I totally relate, and agree!
Interesting and informative - this reads very smoothly. I would say excellent for a first entry!
This sounds like some of the messages I gave my English classes. You wrote it well.
I remember your first entry, Jacquelyn, I thought it was special when I first read it and I still am in awe of your writing gift. Blessings!
This was a first?? Great writing talent here!
I really enjoyed this and it said a lot about the way I feel, not only about reading, but life itself. My favorite line: "The speedy rain runs off fast, but a slow rain penetrates the soil and less of it is lost." Great job!