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Touching story! Loved the moment of unveiling and the underlying theme of taking care of your neighbor (both physically and spiritually). It's always sad to think of people who are in the hospital / nursing homes and never get any visitors and it's humbling to think how much even a few minutes of are time can do for someone in need. Good stuff.
I really liked this story. A lesson for all of us to pay attention to the people we see everyday. He was no longer just a nameless, security guard but a guardian angel. Nice job.
Captivating! Strong from start to finish.
Wow, I really liked this! I was thinking that you were going to go the "angel" route, and I was pleased to see that the reader was a real guy. Good job with your main character's emotions and sensations.
Lovely story! Very touching and believable. You definitely can tell a good story.
I loved this entry. Great story, great emotions, I felt tense and excited right along with her when the bandages came off. Great job.
This was very real - you did a great job of capturing the setting and the emotions. Glad I stopped in to read it!
Man Connie! That's good. I just told my dear man, "I don't know why I received an honorable mention and your story didn't." It's good and way better than mine.

I think our styles are similar.