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Loved the perspective! How eloquent.
Very sweet and powerful story! To me, it said that living my life beautifully and joyfully is an art form that can enrich and encourage others. I loved Tess's answer to the question her cygnets asked at the end, "What if no one sees?" How true! :)
Oh! This is wonderful! Words cannot express what this article did for my heart. Very well written. Thank you.
deliteful. i wouldve never thought ofa swan as an artist
"Tess" is just a jewel, and I'm so glad I got to read this. You gave us a picture of a work-in-progress (do I spy "winner" written all over this?) that has to go into my "favorites." I love birds, and the swan is the one most beautiful to my eyes. You have done the swan justice, for sure, with this lovely story.
Very visual, I could just picture these glorious birds.

In several spots, you have "artist" instead of "artists"--a bit distracting.

Your love for nature and its beauty is quite evident.
This was pretty good. I liked the creative ability in here, the use of swans as the artists was very good. A little awkward in the beginning with the mother and children, but it smoothed out at the end. Thanks for sharing this story!
Awesome ending and intriguig story. Could've been a bit more fluid, but well done none the less.
This is fantastic - creative and beautiful. I believe the judges will love it. I did. Impressive descriptive writing. Very well done!
What a wonderful point of view. I loved seeing this through a swan's eyes. Good work!
You have some wonderful descriptions here!Lovely.
Very, very good job. The scenes you described of swans on the water reminded of summers in Michigan on Thunder Bay River. Nice take on the topic as well and I enjoyed the lead and effective descriptive writing. God bless.
I really enjoyed this. No wonder it was highly commended. Good writing.