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I liked this. I liked it very much, it was almost like a story within another story, with the MC wondering about her self-portrait (Artists take them very seriously) and her Art teacher's rejectsion not to mention his own troubles. The ending was very nice, I like the change of heart, I especially like the best friend and the 'illustration' of the jar. Kudos!
Good character development here--hard to do in so few words.

The ending struck me a just a tad unrealistic--Cheri's words to Mr. Melon seem older than her age, for example, and Mr. Melon's change of heart perhaps too "pat."

The strength of this story is in its symbolism, and its engaging main characters. Nicely done.
I loved it! I could feel Cheri's feistyness and Mr. Melon's broken spirit. Great ending too!
You are an awesome writer! ^_^
Well done and well-deserved!
Congratulations on your win. I enjoyed this story.
Another spectacular and heart warming story!WOW hon,this is great! You are so gifted at keeping the readers interest that each story I view I want more. I love your comparison's and always your descriptions and dialogue between characters as they are well done and so believable that I feel as if I am right beside them dealing with whatever they are facing. You need to compile a book with all of your stories in it as these are such prescious morsels to savor. Wowza!Keep it up. Janice+-
I'm enjoying some of the earlier challenges. I like this one. Sometimes we just need to speak out. And sometimes we need to listen. I'm glad the art teacher listened.