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What a creative effort on the topic. Our earthly friends, being human, can and will fail at every turn. Thankfully Jesus promised never to leave us or to forsake us. Nice job.
I enjoyed the whole article until I became confused at the end. If it had ended with your needs being meet in Jesus it would have been a powerful story, but when you said "she" I realized you were reaching out to your earthly friend. We do need relationships. God created us to be relationship creatures. Perhaps I missed your point. Perhaps your were saying that now that you are trusting Jesus to meet your needs you come talk with "her" without unreasonable expectations. Humans can make good friends, but we make poor gods.
When the judging is over I hope we can edit our pieces. I can see a few things to change so the reader will realize the conversation in quotes is the friend talking to the one who is remembering the confrontation. The friend is risking their frienship to make her see she needs Jesus to fill the void in her life. Their friendship cannot fill the "empty place deep inside her."
In the end she calls her friend knowing she's waiting. "The wounds of a friend can be trusted." Prov. 27:6 (NIV) Thankyou for your input! I appreciate it and am glad for the comments -- they help alot and that's what I'm looking for! Thanks again to any who take the time to read, critque and encourage! Pat
Now that I've read your explanation I get it. I have met people like thiswho want a person to wash their pain away, but it's impossible unless Jesus is the third cord of friendship.
Nothing hurts worse than a wound from a friend. But sometimes nothing is needed worse. I love walking through the pain, acceptance and, hopefully, healing of the narrator.