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This narrative haunts me with its mixed sadness and hope. I really like the imagery of the potholes and rabbit holes to express the memory loss--great analogies!

Would like to see some mention in the opening paragraphs about the book's main character living on another planet--that would tie in beautifully with the closing reference to the narrator being on this planet.

Love the title!
exileant narative. my mom suffers from M.S. too. her memory loss gets frustating but we love her.
You may have "rabbit holes" in your memory - so do I - not from MS but from West Nile. What I did learn from this constant struggle is that we are like Moses - We say "God I don't have the words" and God's reply is "That's ok, I have the words for you." Write about your struggles and your achievements, your story is great.
I felt the quiet acceptance, but I also felt that the story is still there waiting to be written. Start writing it! Maybe God will take it in another direction, which is okay too. Very evocative!
Evocative indeed! A very strong piece.
I liked your tight writing and heartfelt comments on the memory loss--very creative descriptions. Thanks for sharing from your heart.
I would encourage you to keep writing. Writers write. Don't stumble over your own misgivings. The time to write is the time given to you now. Your gift is still with you, thank-you for sharing.