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I really liked this poem! I especially enjoy the age progression and development of the character, the different slices of her life made vividly real. And I can identify with her feelings, since I share the same condition. Great job!
Wow! Your mom sounds amazing! She must love you a LOT!
Your Mom must be so proud! I also have a son who is high functioning autistic and I homeschooled him - teaching him to read and write. He now lives independently and we communitcate through emails. Your poem was very beautiful!
Good story. I've never thought of writing as being able to free someone in this way. Thanks for sharing - you did a good job.
This is so impressive and inspiring, it should give hope to those with similar circumstances.
This is wonderful! I really think you should find some website or other publication by or for young adults with autism/Asperger's and share this with them. It's an incredible glance into your world, and I think you for sharing it with us.
I SO wish I could tell you how much I loved this, and how encouraging it was to me (my son, age 5, was just diagnosed as in the autistic spectrum). But besides that - I truly felt like I was given a look into you in a very vivid way. Excellent!
Very nice, inspirational.
When there seems to be no way, God makes a way.

Your mom's insights found that way and we (as readers) are all the better for the healing it gave you.