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I can relate to your frustration. An amusing story and very enjoyable. Well done!
I enjoyed the humour in your article. Your trials came across well, but you did try and that is the important thing.
LOL I was almost that bad when I got married. Luckily, my hubby loved to cook and was a great help. It would have driven me crazy to have him call from the couch about how hungry he was!! Loved the ending!
This was a lovely little read. I enjoyed walking down "cooking lane" with ya!
Loved the part with peace and piecrusts-that part always gets me ;) This fun to read, good job!
Very enjoyable read - loved your last line. Well done!
I enjoyed your cooking saga. I really liked your line, "I think that it's all the punching and slapping one gets to do." (I think that's how it went.) It is interesting how a small part of one's life can be summarized. You started your article with newly-weds and ended with empty-nesters. Does time really seem to go that fast? Great read; it was very thought provoking!