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A sweet and romantic story and very nicely written. I enjoyed it!
What a romantic read. This had to be challenging switching from the letters to current times but it flowed so well.
A very sweet, romantic little piece. A pleasure to read.
Creative romantic idea. This is a cute and enjoyable read.
This was so sweet, I almost had tears at the last two paragraphs. I liked the way you incorporated the cookie baking instructions into your article. I was a little confused about why his baking would be a surprise if she left him to finish up the cookies for their 8th anniversary. Or did she assume that he would watch the game and space out the cookie baking?

How typical of a man to think the recipe writers could have simplified the instructions: "Why couldn’t they just say ‘combine everything-liquids last’?" That line made me laugh. A great idea. Might be a little late to submit a revised copy of this to anywhere for Valentine's Day, but maybe next year?

Sorry to repeat the "romantic" comments, but it IS romantic! I loved the visual of him putting his arm around her and slipping a cookies into her mouth! couple of typo's but very nice writing!
Wonderful. I could see and feel every word. Good luck with the judging on this one.
Very sweet, romantic story. I really enjoyed it. Good work!
This made me want to hug my husband. ;0)
Nicely done.
A lovely piece...I especially liked how you wove the journal entries into the story. I'm probably alone here, but I would have liked to know what was in the purple envelope, :)! Like another poster, I hope you keep this in mind to submit somewhere for a Valentine's Day issue. This has just the right amount of romance. Well done!
I too enjoyed this romantic piece ad the way you interwove the baking with the reading. Well done.
Sorry, I meant 'and' and not 'ad'
An enjoyable read. I hope to see more of your work in the future.
So precious. What a creative idea! A story within a story - very clever. Great stuff here!
Such a tender story! The letters were so sweet. I enjoyed how you intermingled his reading the letters while he baked cookies for their anniversary. Very heartwarming.
Very sweet - I also love how you interspersed the cookie cooking and the letters. Very nice!
Wonderful story! I thought for sure we'd find out what was in that purple envelope at the end! But I love the ending you wrote. Oh, I almost forgot - its so romatic! I see a new level in your future soon!
Congratulations! Consistent, great work!