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This was very imaginative and I could definitely feel all the emotions going through the poor man's mind as he faced the dangers. I was caught up in the story. Well written!
A nice little fantasy twist to this topic. The feelings of the protagonist were very understandable, and I definitely would've hated to be in poor Hanston's shoes. Also, the little surprise discovery at the end was interesting.
Completely spell binding. Haven't enjoyed a dragon story so much since someone submitted "There Be Dragons". The captives pain was so vivid I nearly took myself a Tylanol. I could feel each moment he made. Then the creative ending! Wow, you are a very good writer. You're bound to be bumped up to the advanced group anyday now.
Interesting. Your words certainly evoke pictures of the action taking place. Kept me reading and that's a plus.

You definitely have talent in fantasy. Keep writing. I would definitely love to see what else you have to offer.
You've developed a likeable character that could be identified with. Loved your opening paragraph which connected brilliantly and creatively to the topic. Remember, if you're interested in placing keep the topic as a theme that runs throughout the piece.