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A delightful peak into Polish cuisine - this was really neat to read.

I thought each section was very well written, but the middle section was a little too explanatory to flow well with the story, so it seemed a little disjointed. As a standalone paragraph though, you did a great job with it.

Really good writing, and great knowledge and background - plus a humourous but all too true twist at the end!
I enjoyed this as well and it made me hungry! I loved the ending. A nice glimpse into Polish food & culture.
I enjoyed this. Well done.
Nice job and very informative. While the interpretations interrupt the flow a little, they seem necessary for understanding the full meaning. I would have been lost without them.
This was truely delightful. I like the twist at the end showing that our modern western ways do invade everywhere.

Keep writing you have a way with words that brings pictures to the imagination of the reader. Good job
Very sensory--I'd love to try some of these dishes. And the ending was a delightful surprise.
I'd much rather eat at The Blue Cat instead of at McDonalds! My husband and I love to try new ethnic foods, and some of the dishes you mentioned made my mouth water! Thanks for an informative and "delicious" piece! :)
Great details and an intriguing title - I was also a bit distracted by the translations, and I ALSO have no suggestion as to how to deal with it in any other way. Your ending was definitely creative! Loved it especially.
A most interesting insight into how Communist rule affected the Polish way of life, and especially its culinary art. It was refreshing to read that the young couple was able to retrieve what they had lost after the fall of Communism. You did a splendid job of it, especially with the translation of the Polish words. Thank you for posting.
A very good story. But, I think you struggle with the same thing I do. You get novel size ideas and try to write a short essay. You write very well. This was a good appetizer to a longer work. Keep at it. You're destined for higher levels, for sure. God bless.