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Great imagination. This was believable. I thought we were in some futuristic time when everything was taboo! Good job and fun!
I loved this. Great stuff. Never laughed so much over burnt cookies before. Keep on writing, you have a good sense of humor for it.
Yup, you got me. I was wondering which alternate universe this poor man was in. Hope he enjoyed the cookies anyway. Very enjoyable story!
great suspence(and hunor) you had me sitting at teh adge of my seat and then falling out of it.
Great story. This was very enjoyable.
LOL! Very creative and a wonderful ending! Loved it when the jury foreman called the judge "Uncle Ray!" You do have a great sense of humor, and I always enjoy reading things that make me smile! Thanks for a fun story! :)
Cute and quite clever - I caught some grammar issues, but this was a delightful -and suspenseful, read!
Great job setting the mood, well written, and great sense of humor! There were a few punctuation problems that need to be cleaned up, but this was quite a tale and a fun read.
Wow, I loved it. I couldn't help but to laugh. Well, done
Creative and fun. Keep writing.
Very cute story. I figured part way through that it had to be a dream. It is too hilarious for truth.