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Wow, first I was laughing, and then shocked, and then sad. Sad, that this probably really does happen with some pastors. Good job.
thats horible. but whats worse is it could be true.
Great twist at the end. I didn't see that one coming.
Your writing is excellent. The end left me grieving. How he must have grieved the Holy Spirit. Thanks for giving us a great, though painful example of the title of your piece.
Wow.You got me with that ending, too. What a shame he isn't living what he's preaching... and what a shame for the poor family. It was well-written and your point was well made.
Excellent story. I was getting angrier by the moment - and then the cork popped at the end of the story! Wonderful descriptions and building up the tension.
Perfect title, heart-rending story.

I was a bit put off by the capital letters. Your dialog was strong enough without them, and they were a bit distracting.

I wonder what we'd learn, if parsonage walls could talk...
Ah, I've had some pastors like that. Great writing and powerful punchline.
Wow! This was great, the end made me stunned. Great job!
What a shock at the end! The story does indeed match your title! I'd love to know how the husband reacted immediately to the news and also what he said later to his wife after the board chairman had gone. Was he guilt-ridden and repentant? Hope so! Sobering but well-done story!
Wow - that twist definitely surprised me. Great dialogue and description. I enjoyed this very much!