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i enjoyed this story put spaces between paragraphs next time for an easier read
Fun - well done!
Horrors! How could you? Next thing you'll tell me is that it's OK to eat sauce that comes out of a JAR!!!
Actually, I enjoyed this very much. It was very entertaining. Well done (if you'll excuse the pun)
Nicely written. I agree. Put spaces between paragraphs and it will be a lot easier to read.

Don't tell anyone, but I took pasta out of my diet a year ago. I don't like push-ups.

Keep up the good work.
I imagine many Italian are rolling over in their graves because of wheat pasta. I serve that to my family. They eat it without complaint.

Great story.
Good article. I liked the conversational style of writing.
Nice, witty voice, fun to read.

You have perhaps over-used quotation marks--used as they are here, it indicates that you've intentionally chosen a wrong word each time. Most of them can be removed, and it will actually strengthen an already very good entry.

I enjoyed the conversational style of this very much.