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What a wonderful story! So well written, too. Loved it!
Mary tugging on Joseph's sleeve. A unique story about a volunteer. Bravo!
Very creative take! I love Anna's voice, and the whole possibility of this! Wonderful.
I loved this! It just thrilled me to see this through her eyes. What a wonderful job. This is definately my favorite so far.
The story pulls the reader in and flows well throughout. I enjoyed the refreshing perspective and the very creative take on the topic. Nicely done!
I agree with the previous comments, and will add that you had a great hook.
I always enjoy writing that makes biblical stories and characters come to life! Thanks for sharing this creative supposition about Anna's life!
Great story! For some reason I thought women would not have been allowed to be scribes, but I'm not sure why I think that, so I'm probably wrong. ;-) I enjoy Biblical fiction!
I loved this simple yet awe inspiring story.
This was such a creative approach to this topic! Thanks for thinking (and writing!) outside the box. :)
I really enjoyed this story. It took guts to write it, too, I think, because, when you're writing about historical events there is so much to check out. Your story reads very authentic to me. I really enjoyed it. You've got a winner least with me!
I love to research and I really enjoy a story where the writer has done their homework. Very well written story. Loved Anna's voice. Great job. God bless.
Wow, I'd never thought about young Jesus having to be taught His Father's word before. I'd always figured he'd just sort of know it from birth. Great new way to look at this story. Really made me think. :)
This is certainly a new twist on this 'story'. Good job! I loved how you wrote this and how you brought Anna to 'life'. A great and enjoyable read!
Again, thank you. Beautiful story. Won't it be wonderful to speak with the Anna's, Simeon's, and all the other saints. We, too, shall meet and worship at Jesus' feet.

God bless and keep on writing!
What a wonderful story of faithfulness to God's calling on one's life.

In Jesus' Name, Patricia