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I enjoyed your poem. It was funny and flowed nicely. I loved the usage of celebrity names. Nice Job!
This is a WINNER! Creative, humorous, inventive, reflecting our culture's ideal of a dad. You should write greeting cards. This one would be Hallmark perfection!
"I wish I could write poetry
Then I could show you why
You made us laugh and won the prize
Your dad must be some guy!" - Why I don't write poetry, but SO admire those who can. LOVED IT!
Although I don't watch TV a lot anymore, I recognized most of the names you mentioned so enjoyed your poem quite a bit. Well done with the way it rolled off the tongue.
Greatly enjoyed your clever poem. I think we can all relate. I like the part about the problems be solved in a half hour!

I've never been able to write poetry myself, even though my mom is an avid poetress.

This poem is a winner!
This is delighful and fun and a complete joy! Can't wait to find out who wrote this one.
WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL! Truly inspiring! Being a Poet myself I always enjoy good poetry. This is one of those entries where the title promised and the content delivered just the way I expected.

A very good job! I also liked the "getting it done in half an hour" bit. But the pice de rsistance is your very last line which I only got on my second reading. "Our Father really does know best" - (Father Knows Best) Well executed! Very well done!
I read this twice, and I smiled all the way through both times. Very well done.
This is why I stay away from poetry. I could never write this well. Excellent job once again. God bless.
Superb! I enjoyed watching so many of those Sitcom's in my day. Great walk down memory lane as well as food for thought. ;)
Just read this to my daughter. Really good. Thanks.
I, too, appreciated both the quality and the content of your poem! Great job! :)
Loved the title of this! Light and easy reading, clear message. Good job! (and congrats on your highly commended!)
What a fun poem. I enjoyed reading it and it had a good lesson too. Nice job and congrats on being highly commended.