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This was the entry I first meant to write...but I just couldn't get it on paper. Now I see it was because you would do a much more effective job of it. Well written, enjoyable to read, and just as I would imagine our heavenly Father would respond.
Your heavenly perspective of life with a rebellious child was much appreciated and enjoyed
Very, very creative entry here!! Made me wonder what God was saying as He looked at my folder. I love great dialogue, and a story that makes me want to finish it. Super ending. I really enjoyed this. God bless.
This is very well done and conveys your idea with eloquence and wit. I was glad for the "twist" in the middle, and I enjoyed reading this. Great work!
Very nice job of showng us all, with creative writing, how our Parent has feelings and concerns about His children just like we do! Very enjoyable reading.
Your point is very well taken! Your writing is clear easy-to-follow, interesting and enjoyable to read.

I knew exactly what you were doing by line eight but don't feel bad though, it's because my mind works the same way. This is an article I would write - In exactly the same way.

Nevertheless, this is very good work with an extremely potent point. When we look at our teenagers we're looking into a mirror. WOW! Is that ever true with me.

Thanks for sharing.
Excellent title too!
This was really cute. I suspected where you were going, but I enjoyed going on the ride! I liked how you put everything into the Heavenly Father's perspective. Thanks!
This is wonderful. Well written with a great message. Enjoyable read.
I *thought* I knew where this was going, but there was twist at the end. Thanks for sharing this well written piece.
Well, you got me...I didn't catch on to the twist till the middle.Good Job. (:
"Poetic justice" had to be God's invention! Your story is a clever vehicle for your message, even though I had a bit of a snag with God having a secretary and keeping files on us :)

On second thought, we do read that he has a "scroll of remembrance," so I guess He might have a scribe after all! You're a clever writer!
I've gotta agree--very clever indeed. A thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish. Bravo!
Definitely clever. Expert job with the dialogue - and you sure gave me lots to think about! Love the last line too!
Well done Marilee!! Congrats!
WooHoo!!! Congrats Marilee.
Excellent Job.
God bless.
This was my favorite story too.