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I loved the flow of events and your voice made it seem like my 15 y/o daughter wrote it. So totally cool! Oh wait, Valley girl was from my time, anyway...I'd have to say this is another great entry. I also want to say the diary entries were a great way of telling a teenagers story and your title - perfect! May the Lord continue blessing your gift of writing.
A wonderful job of capturing the voice of this person - just right! I loved the diary format - and the revelation at the end. This sounded so authentic. Great job.
This entry is truly great with much humour, serious though the events are. The diary format gave it authenticity and the last paragraph just clinched it. Impressive writing skill.
I love the diary format. This was believeable as well as delightful. Great message at the end. Great job. :)
One of my favorites this week. Absolutely authentic voice, just masterfully done.
I'm not so sure I like my name being associated with "the fake. " ;) Great entry though. I loved the diary format, and could relate to the brother/sister interaction. Great job.
This had such an authentic teenage feel to it. Great job in portraying your character, you made her come alive. :)
Oh, the groanings of responsibility! This sounded as if I'd got ahold of my niece's diary (summer lifeguard at an inner-city pool between HS-college). You did a perfect job of depicting the characters, the distractions, the concerns, building up to the brother's injury. Aren't diaries fun? Such a good job, here!
This is delightful, and written as only a teenaged older sister could write it! I could almost hear my teenaged daughter, who ISN'T a lifeguard, just a sister, saying or writing these things.

My favorite line was "The little dweeb held a dweebfest today under my chair with the little chromosomal abnormalities he calls friends." That is SO like an older sister! LOL

Read it to my teenager. It 'passed the test.'
Way to PLACE! Congrats!
CONGRATULATIONS on placing! This was delightful. There were a lot of great lines. I loved the one about the hypocrite in church - LOL.
Marilee, this is so much fun...a delight to read! Thanks, and congratulations on yet another win!