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Please post more of your poems at Poetry and Poets of God:
I loved this poem! The repetitive pattern is just right in conveying the intensity of the message, which is powerful. Great job!
You have captured today's world and painted a vivid picture of high school and the stress on today's kids.
I loved your poem, the way you set it up, and the insights it gives the reader.

With mixed emotions I say Bravo! and Lord help today's children.
Wow--this is very, very good. I think you've really found your voice in poetry. Very touching.
This is very well well written. I like that you chose poetry to address some of our society's problems. Great job!
You've covered so much in your poem. It's written objectively but with concern for the youth in society. It would be good to have it published in a school or youth magazine.
I love the repeating stanza. It really makes an impact when it's repeated like that. Great job.
Very, VERY powerful and wonderfully structured. No wonder mom made you move up ;) Great job!