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Walk a mile in my shoes. Very nice.
I love it! No trouble spots jumped out at me.
Very good--I love that you had the little girl role playing and transfering her emotions to her doll. I wonder if she speaks "older" than three. For example, "Just playing doctor with my doll, Mary" strikes me as unnatural dialog for a 3-year-old. Maybe just "Playing doctor, momma" You've done a great job with the transition and your readers will get it.

Sweet and charming story.
very cute. I agree about the 3 year old having a very mature voice... but that's just me.
Aww, this was sweet. I like the line that had her tripping over the lab coat. It made the little girl come alive and made her seem truly child-like. Nice way to approach the subject.
Creative and insightful! I have had young diabetic students in my class, and it is a real struggle for them. I wondered what the lyrics to the "All Better Song" might be. I think that could have added some tenderness or poignancy to the story.
A very sweet story - I enjoyed it very much! I have no suggestions that haven't already been mentioned. I could see my daughter doing something like this!
I loved the twist in this story. I really believed at first that the 3-year-old was an adult doctor and Mary an actual patient! The reality caught me by surprise. Delightful story!
Very cute! I really loved this and could easily visualize it due to your skill with words. Thanks so much for sharing this.
Congrats Rhonda on your big finish. The ribbon looks good by your story. Keep up the excellent work. God bless.