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11/09/06 is always neat to see God putting people into our lives. Well done.
What a lovely story about a very special nurse! Thanks for sharing such a personal experience. I loved how you took us along on the journey. The baby's name was like a little twist at the end. It gave me goose bumps. :-)
Great job--you built suspense beautifully.

A note: "wreaking havoc," not "reeking" (unless it was really stinky).

I loved the character of Diane, and they way you described her.
a wonderful story! I really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing it.
This just rings with sentiment, and I'm a sucker for sentiment. It even made me misty-eyed. It's a really sweet story. I hope it's true. Thank you for writing it.
Wonderful story - I noticed some grammatical/punctuation issues, but they didn't detract from the drama. Thanks for sharing!
I have a degree in English, but I have to say that your story hooked me in so much that I didn't even notice the errors. That's very unusual for me because I enjoy correcting spelling and grammar. It is a testament to your story line. Thank you for writing it.
As a once-upon-a-time OB nurse, I had to read this story. You certainly know how to convey the emotion of such an experience. Impressive writing for sure!