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Very touching. I can very clearly picture your MC's embarrassment as she asked to withdraw her request.
Nice reminder of how Jesus can be found in unexpected places if we would only tune in. Good story that kept me reading.
This is a wow article - one that touched me deeply and I cried as I read it because of the care shown by Mary to her ability. If you have ever sat by the bedside of a loved one dying - things become pitotal and time seems to stop as you endure and embrace every moment you have. To have seen the tender love and for your mom to have had the privilege of this is a gift. Thanks for sharing....well done
I loved this article! If I were putting a devotional together, I would surely contact you. Your description is perfect. I too worked in and volunteered at a nursing home. It is also a place where the Lord Jesus makes His rounds daily, hourly...
You've written about it -
Thank you

Carol M.
This is very good. It's the kind of piece you want to read more than once. In fact, I did! It's touching, and has a message as well.
Just beautiful, so tender and touching. I loved it.
The title grabbed me, the story sucked me in. This is very well written.
What a heart-wrencher! Your details are so vivid and real, and I was engrossed from beginning to end (both of which, by the way, were masterful!). Exceptionally well done!
I'm glad I read this. It reminded me my own mother's death, and the strange and wonderful people I sometimes met on my trips to nursing homes. Great title. Good lead. Good emotion in the body of the story. The ending was a little short, but by that time I was already sold on your story.
This is a DAVE's Fav and gets an ethusiastic DAVEY from me. Thank you for the great hint that brought me here.
Grabbed at my heart's strings and now won't let go. The image will stay with me for the night.
Awesome entry. This was great, I'm glad I finally got the chance to read it. You did an excellent job, especially with the vividness of your characters. I loved the end.
makes me think of that verse(i forgot the reference) where jesus is telling his disiples to take care of widows, orphans, sick, and dying, the prisoners, ect. and anything they do for the least of these they do for him.
I loved this story all the way through--delightful, vivid descriptions and imagery as well as a beautiful message! My favorite imagery was of the irate narrator wanting to play "midget baseball" with her neighbors' original expression of anger.

I could especially relate to this story because I volunteer at two nursing homes and have found there some delightfully eccentric yet wonderful friends.
Nicely done. It was moving, thought provoking, and I could see the action happening in front of me. Good job.
This is such powerful writing, you left me sobbing at reading that wonderful ending. You are headed for my "favorites" collection! I also want to say how much I appreciate your kind and generous comment on my "Guardian Angels" story. Thank you. You write so very well.
This was very moving and well written. Keep writing. :) Jules
Wow!! Such honest writing. This story could create a new challenge criteria. "How well the story involved the readers heart".
Very nice job.
God bless.