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I enjoyed this story as it brought back memories of my own college days and religious studies classes. I really enjoyed the initial character description of Professor Abraham--I could see him!

I also enjoyed the clever acronym "teacher" formed by the first letter of each paragraph.

The story's pedantic wording came across as a little dry and maybe hard for some people to follow--but at the same time, it seemed right in keeping with the setting and the main character!
I like the acronym, too, and I think that though the words are long, it goes well with the setting, as someone else mentioned. Good job!
The article was well done, the acronym was quite effective. I even liked the longer, hard to understand, wording. It actually fit and seemed to come from a journal of a person who tends to think a lot, utilizing their education to its fullest. Well done.
excellent! very clever.
Great job.
Wow - very impressive words. Is Professor Abraham a real man? Maybe you will send him a copy of this? I also liked the description in the 'T' paragraph. Well done.
I definitely enjoyed the acronym, and though the language IS a bit "heavy", I also agree that it fits with the subject and point of the piece! Nice job!
Very good job of actually showing his influence through your professor-ly writing. I feel as if I've been in his class, and learned a lot.
Clever and interesting; for the most part well written. Thank you for posting.
Loved this! Very fun, the way the words were arranged. I enjoyed reading this, good job!
Great character study. I love 'cardigan man' very visual and encapsulates a great deal about the man.
The language level in this story interfered with my reading of it. I would be concerned that the reading level of most would not be able to tackle it. (Perhaps I need to not get so involved with speaking in prison ministry and it's third grade reading level!) I could understand this language, but tend to be on the lazy side. I suppose it also depends on what you are looking to do when you read: be entertained, be educated, be uplifted.... Purpose and target audience are very important. That having been said, I, too, love the acronym usage. You have an extensive, impressive vocabulary and obviously have a lot of abilities with the written word. You are, quite clearly, VERY intelligent, and, indeed, a wordsmith!
Interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing this!
I tend to look for the story within a story. I found as I read this piece a second time, that not only did the student grow in intellect and spirituality through the years, the professor did as well. Although written in a scholarly fashion, this piece flowed perfectly. It's my opinion that this should rank high for creativity.:-)
You did a great job of setting the mood and pace of the story. And the character is right on! You used your words well in creating him.

A very creative, well written take on the subject!
I enjoyed your level of language. It makes one think which is a good thing. Keep up the 'great' work. Blessings as you write to glorify HIM!
I like your interpretation of our topic. This was very clever. It gives a glimpse into the mind of a student as well. Nicely done.
Very creative take on the topic. Love the journal idea. In the E paragraph I was a little confused when the student began with discussing studying Greek, then said Hebrew was difficult. I absolutely loved reading this level of intelligent writing! Great job.
A unique take on the topic. I, too, thought your format was effective. Good job.
very creative & orginal!