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I loved this story! The teacher and kids all come to life in both descriptions of actions and dialog, and I felt as though I were right there in the classroom.

Very touching message involving the spiritual wisdom of both teacher and her children.
Great job with the description of a second grade classroom - as a former teacher, you definitely brought back some memories! Some of the writing seemed a bit stiff, but the story was quite touching - and the kids' questions quite realistic. Nice job!
enjoyable read, very much captured the energy of kids
Your dialogue is realistic and carries the story well. I can tell you've "been there!"
I felt like I was right there in the class room with these children. I loved your title.

If you submit this elsewhere the sentence that starts...A surgery is"... the say should be 'stay'. Why my eyes catch these I'll never know but I do know I can't catch my own! lol

Great work; great piece.