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I loved your first sentence! (Right to the very core of her being, Narissa was a fraud.) It made me want to keep reading and find out more. I also loved your testimony and message. Thanks for making me think about my own journey to Christ!
Very nicely done. Your title caught my attention and your story flowed along very well--kept my interest. I enjoyed the unique take on the topic. Who would have thought a missionary would be leading his wife to the Lord. Great story.
You have brought home the idea that we don't have to be veteran Christians to have a testimony. How like the Holy Spirit to put us in circumstances that bring us head to head with his grace. I saw a few sentence structures that could use some tightening up, but I enjoyed your story.
Pretty good stuff. Watch repetition, but otherwise an enjoyable read - good flow.
Oh, I like this! There was a period in my life when I felt very much like that young bride. Good work.
This was a sweet story! I very much enjoyed reading it-great title too.
The storyline held my attention all the way through.
Wow, well done. Your title drew me in, your first sentence made me want more and your ending gave me satisfaction.
How many people there are in the world who can identify with this story! I think about it often as I look around at our crowded services. I wonder how many would still be sitting there if things got difficult like they are in other countries and, at the same time, hope I'd remain there. The husband in your story must have been shocked, but God gave him words of encouragement that would be treasured by the young wife for years to come. Your story could be the start of an excellent discussion among Christians. Very thought provoking. Nice job.
Very, very nice and enjoyable. The writing was honest and true. You placed a great first line out there, got my attention, and then did not dissapoint with the rest. God bless. Keep up the good work.