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I was attracted to this story because of the title. I was not disappointed. Your message was clear, and I enjoyed the manner in which you told the story.

Your title promised and your story delivered! I'm bubbling on the inside! Not only did you write the piece well but you actually inspired me to become an arsonist like Granny Gale. Now that's good writing!!! Kudos! Keep up the good work!
Your title got my attention. At first I was a little confused as to how Granny starting fires had anything to do with fire fighting, but as the story went on, it was explained. This was a fun read. Thnks for writing it!
This was EXTREMELY powerful - such an amazingly well-told tale of a woman truly on fire! I forgot I was reading in intermediate!!!!
Awesome. Powerful. Masterful imagery. Loved it!
Great - what a brilliant draw-in, and you kept me. An inspiring message too. I do hope this does well.
Very clever take on the topic. And, awesome story-telling. You should be proud of this wonderful effort.
Wow - what's this doing in intermediate? A hard hitting subject, treated with love, a hint of a smile, and pace not withstanding. Absolutely delightful, so creatively rendered, and full of precise word placement - a master of syntax. Oh, an a different look at the theme.
I agree with all the others. This is an example of great writing. I loved the title and your unique perspective on the theme. I loved it! Thanks!
You used great bait for this delightful story! Luring your reader in; first with the title, then with the opening paragraph. It was an enjoyable read, written very well (except for one "y" left off of many)... plus it was creative, hit the topic dead on...and entertaining. Well done!
Well, Dub was right! This was an awesome read! Every single word was a pleasure to savor. I read it three times. Now that's a first for me. The Title was the best ever!
This one ranks among my all time favorites. Great work. Your writing is TIGHT and the story was great. Send this out. You'll get it published.