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Good story! Well told! Could be a little smoother in some places but I think you have a lot of potential! Keep writing!
I think we can all see people we know (and ourselves, if we'll admit it!!) in your characters! There were a few places where I might have tightened up the writing, but I really enjoyed this - especially the end!!
Cute story. I think it needs a little work; it doesn't seem to flow right. But it has a lot of potential, so keep up the good work!
I really like the witty, casual voice here--it reminds me of the writing of Lisa Sampson. Really good.
I smiled when I read this. I have been in many ladies' groups like this. Well done!
I enjoyed some of the intimate details the author shares with us. "I'm ashamed to admit I call her Sobbing Sarah." Another example is "I can't help but think maybe some of them have a bit of a grudge ..." I liked the ending and could visualize Laura and her "chunky gold bracelets..." Good job!
Bravo! Neat job with a touch of humor and wit. An easy and enjoyable read. Nice job!
HA! I've been in that lady's shoes! Totally! I related to her 100%. ;)
Very vivid characters! You certainly have quite a bit to expand on if you ever wanted to make this piece into more. A very enoyable read! :)
I enjoyed this. It's as cute as can be. Instead of the "Yada Yada Sisters" novels, you could have the 'Nada Nada Sisterhood.' LOL! Thank God for the Katie's! :o) Good job!
Betty, this is wonderful. I was so focused on the actual job of a paid firefighter, that I forgot about the kind you wrote about. Good job!