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Good writing! A tale full of humor and adventure skillfully narrated! A clever story teller! Keep up the good work!
So VERY clever and lighthearted and well told - and with a great message to boot! You definitely had me giggling AND thinking for this one! Nice job!
I love your style. I can just see poor Sir Hector fumbling and bumbling around, and there's a message, to boot. Well done!
A delightful story with a good message! I wondered why it wasn't entered in a higher level of the contest.
Loved it! The title drew me in and I couldn't stop reading. Great job! This piece is delightful.
Thoughtful and unique take on the subject. Very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed your piece.
A nice story, but, I fear, with one problem--what exactly happened with the armor? How did John drop the armor to the ground? Any castle wall I've ever seen would make that very difficult, since there is wall protectively in front of anyone standing at the top. The armor would end up at John's feet.

You can definitely spin a tale, so don't let me discourage you with one criticism.
I enjoyed reading this story very much. Well written!
What a fun read! Such delightful characters and ending.

One clich for me was I doesn't know the cave is close enough to the castle for Sir Hectors beard to be nearly singed.

A very minor point to a very good story.
A fun Medieval story. I never before knew that anything could be overcome by bad breath... Maybe I should stop brushing my teeth?
I too, thought the 'drip, drip' was a subtle reference to the past activity of 'firefighters' and what was left after they were done ... and the life changing effects of fire.

I really enjoyed your choices of words and the format.

We don't get much of these from you, Dub! How about some more!
Mid - I apologise for this mistake above me! I got my tabs mixed up somehow! I don't how I did it - I'm sorry! It was supposed to be Dubs! :)
I loved this! Just one little quibble--a "you're" that should have been a "your"--but the story itself was delightful, original, and skillfully written.
Delightful story and message - a quick comment: exclamation marks are overused - understatement, well written, are so much stronger.
GREAT writing! Error? Hmmmm at first I thought armor - but I think either is ok (armour - British spelling)....riveted could be also rivetted so both are fine....ok I think I found it - an extra "the" in the 4th paragraph.
Regardless - an absolute delight to read! Be blessed and keep writing.
I can see the story come to life in a book for children....
sorry, meant 13th paragraph -
From a Reader's perspective...Fascinating story, with wit and suspense intertwined. A definite "page turner". From a Writer's viewpoint: creative, unique and on target "topic-wise" - with a few minor boo boos. Loved it!! Kudos!