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Great lesson well told! You did a great job with the dialogue. I enjoyed this!
Good job. Kept my attention all the way through. Blessings.
Great job with the gentle dialog, and with the characterization. I'm not sure that God's angels do the pruning, so that troubled me just a tad. Top notch writing, in any case!
p.s. I could well be wrong about that; theology isn't my strong point. I really liked this story.
Hmmm...I think I'd tend to agree with Jan about being confused having an angel doing the pruning I'd always thought of as God's job. This is an interesting concept to think about though...The angels are messengers, warriors and protectors, why not gardeners too...?

That said, you did have a good dialog back and forth and I really liked how you phrased: "the butterflies inside his stomach multiplied rapidly". It was a lot better than just saying he had butterflies in his stomach. Showing little things like that, rather than telling them is what makes a good story great. :)
I also have a bit of reservations about the theology, but that aside, this was a lovely article! Well-written with a good point. :-)
This was a nicely drawn and descriptive piece, making the point of pruning nicely. God bless. xx
I thought this was great. I loved the tone of the conversation. The "theology" question does not bother me in the slightest. I think this is refreshing and wonderful. Good job!
Very well done. An interesting story, and a good message. I liked it very much!
Theology aside, food for thought...and we are all subject to pruning by a loving, heavenly Hand. Good writing, good dialogue.
This is talent demonstrated beyond this level. A personified concept and interpretation - skillfully written. High praise and credit is herein due. dub